Drop of Sea Necklace

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Ever-changing, like our emotions and dreams, the ocean represents so much – life, fantasy, peace, anger, change, endless possibilities and the unknown. Despite its complexity, the ocean brings about an instant sense of calm and peace. This can be yours, anytime with Tear of the Sea Necklace.

This snake chain, handmade necklace captures the beauty of the ocean in one small drop. Made of glass as clear as the crystal waters themselves, see the positive ripple effect you can create in your life, just like the change one drop can make in the ocean. 
Take a piece of the ocean with you wherever you go with the Tear of the Sea Necklace. Dare to dream. 
How big is it? 
Length: 18 inches - Size: 1.4x1cm 
What is the chain made from?
The chain is stainless steel.
How long does it take to get here?
Shipping and handling usually takes about 1-3 weeks
What if it breaks?
No worries! We'll replace it for FREE if it breaks.